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Credit Card Processing in Glen Burnie

Maximize Your Revenue, Reduce Your Fees

Alacrity offers a variety of credit card and payment solutions in Glen Burnie, for every size of business.

Are you a business located in Glen Burnie looking to reduce your credit card fees and maximize your revenue?

Alacrity's solutions allow you to accept online payments utilizing your virtual terminal and/or Alacrity's hosted form from your website. We offer a complete solution for ecommerce shops, subscription businesses, and family-owned small businesses.

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Credit Card Processing and Payments

The world of credit card (cc) processing is quite complex, with each of the major banks and financial organizations wanting to charge separate fees for everything. Well, when it comes to credit card processing, there's really only two major factors: interchange and merchant fees. If your business credit card statement shows a lot of different fees and/or the rates have increased over time, you may be overpaying. Alacrity will take a copy of your statement and provide you with a detailed analysis, free of charge. CC processing

Why Alacrity Payments?

  • Fair and Crystal Clear Pricing (Interchange + Fees)
  • Transparent Statements
  • No ETFs (early termination fees)
  • Cash Discounting / No Cost Processing
  • Rates Guaranteed to Never Increase
  • 24/7 Support
Example of a CC Statement
Example CC Statement
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Virtual Terminal

It is essential that all businesses accept credit cards, regardless of their industry. Our virtual terminal allows you and your staff to enter in a customer's credit card information, and processes it securely.

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Hosted Form

Are you one of the many small businesses still taking credit card information over the phone? The simplest solution is to generate a hosted form right from your website. The Alacrity team can help you integrate this with your website and/or help you configure your form to collect the information you need. Hosted forms offer a variety of options to collect payments, including adduing the hosted form to your checkout process, or emailing a link to your customers.

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